Wet and Dry Water Level ท่อดูน้ำ


Growing Need for Water Management Solutions: Water scarcity and effective water management have become critical concerns in agricultural practices, particularly in paddy cultivation. Farmers are increasingly seeking innovative solutions to optimize water usage, prevent water scarcity or excess, and ensure sustainable farming practices. This growing need presents a significant market opportunity for an IoT device that specifically addresses water management in paddy fields.

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IoT Device for Efficient Water Management in Paddy Fields

IoT device that will monitor and control water levels in paddy fields, ensuring optimal irrigation practices. The device will integrate with the Thai government’s water information system, providing real-time data on water availability, rainfall forecasts, and regulatory guidelines. Key features of our solution include:

IoT-enabled Water Level Monitoring: Our IoT device will accurately measure water levels in paddy fields and provide real-time data through a user-friendly mobile application. This will empower farmers to make informed decisions about irrigation, preventing water scarcity and waterlogging issues.

Automated Alerts and Notifications: Our solution includes an intelligent alert system that will notify farmers of critical events such as water shortages or excessive water levels. These notifications will be delivered through the mobile application, allowing farmers to take prompt action and protect their crops.

Data Analytics and Insights: We will leverage advanced data analytics to analyze water usage patterns, weather conditions, and crop health. This will provide farmers with valuable insights to optimize water management, increase yields, and improve resource allocation.


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