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Our company offers smart farm IoT solutions that are designed to optimize agricultural processes and maximize yields.

In addition, we also provide weather sensors that provide valuable data on temperature, humidity, and other important weather-related factors. With this information, farmers can make informed decisions about crop management and irrigation.

Komomi Smart Water Irrigation Control

The Objective is to optimize water usage for irrigation. these features include Soil Moisture Sensors, integrating with a weather station , automatically schedule irrigation based on the needs of the plants. The system can be controlled remotely through a mobile app

Pump Control, Water Zoning , Automatic Valve
Farmer analyzing data from various sensor installed on his farm and make decision to control

Komomi Smart Agriculture Sensors

Smart agriculture sensors are devices that are designed to collect data and information about the farming environment and transmit it to a central system for analysis. These sensors use IoT technology to automate data collection and provide insights into crop growth, soil health, weather conditions, and other factors that affect agriculture. Here are some examples of smart agriculture sensors

Komomi Cloud Thingsboard

We provides Data Store service. Smart agriculture sensors on Cloud can provide farmers with real-time data and insights that help them make informed decisions about crop and livestock management. This can lead to improved yields, better resource management, and more sustainable farming practices.

Farmer can access data that store on cloud server via web site. we deploy thingsboard GATEWAY server as cloud Storage
Thank you the Best Opensource IOT Platform

Komomi Blynk Private Server

Blynk is an IoT platform that allows users to create custom mobile Smart Farm applications for controlling and monitoring IoT devices. By default, Blynk applications communicate with Blynk’s cloud servers. However, We also set up your own Blynk private server to host your IoT applications and data to Serve as Application.

Our Komomi Platform Features

a smart farm platform mobile app and cloud storage involves designing and implementing a system that allows farmers to collect data from IoT sensors, view analytics and insights, and control their farm equipment remotely

Full scale

Farm design , IoT devices development, and Installation

Easy To Use

All Our IoT device is easy to operate


Fully Support Farmers to understand and use technology

Cloud Base App

We provides web application and mobile Application

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